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40ft High Cube Shipping Containers

Refurbished 40ft high cube containers can be conveyed across the country and are made explicitly for capacity. Each holder we sell is ensured breeze and watertight, when renovated they are more adequate and secure than standard utilized compartments.

High Cube containers are an additional a foot in tallness (9’6″ rather than the standard 8’6″), which makes them ideal for putting away things that might battle to squeeze into a standard stature holder. Anyway in the event that you needn’t bother with the extra tallness you might get a saving by taking a gander at our standard stature 40ft restored compartment range.

Whenever we repair compartments we take a utilized 40ft High Cube Shipping Containers for sale, add a security lockbox (latch lodging) and repaint the holder in your decision of colour*.

Most normally utilized colors are remembered for the essential cost, however there will be an extra expense for light tones like white, yellow or cream (as we need to utilize additional coats) or expert paints, for example, rich or metallic. Renovation lead times will differ contingent upon how bustling our stop in your space is at the time you request, kindly request an expected lead time.

As these revamped high 3D square holders are produced using ex-delivery line utilized units they will have scratches and wrinkles in the metalwork, and perhaps past fixes.

Hence we can’t ensure the beauty care products of a revamped holder. We truly do ensure that it’ll be wind and watertight, and have working entryways, entryway seals and a useful marine employ floor. Aside from assisting with making the compartment look more satisfactory the new layer of paint will give more prominent security from rust and consequently broaden the functioning existence of your stockpiling unit.

Inside the compartment we will make sure that it is perfect and clean before conveyance. We don’t repaint inside as standard so hope to see scratches and checks within, and conceivably some surface rust.

How much does a 40ft high cube shipping container cost?

*If it’s not too much trouble, note we overspray the first compartment tone and attires with your picked finish and we don’t ensure conceal matching at this fundamental cost. We can statement for sticker/uniform expulsion prior to painting or concealing off entryway seals/locking bars on demand.

We fit a security lockbox to our repaired compartments as standard. these metal covers safeguard the lock from assault with bolt-cutters. With a lockbox fitted a cheat will require uncompromising slicing hardware to break into your holder so these are an extraordinary hindrance. Our protection appraised Squire latches are additionally extremely secure and squeezed into our lockboxes.

Revamped 40ft high 3D square holders are not reasonable for delivery. In the event that you are searching for a compartment to trade, you’ll require a utilized or one-trip holder.

The advantages of a 40ft High Cube container

  • Wind and water proof;
  • Suited for Transport;
  • Suited for Storage;
  • Equipped with a wooden floor.
  • 30cm higher than standard containers;
  • Containers are thoroughly checked before delivery and all of them carry a valid CSC date – which meet the international quality standards for your safety;
  • Containers can be delivered worldwide.


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