Used 40ft High Cube Shipping Container

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Used 40ft High Cube Shipping Container

40ft x 8ft one outing High Cube involved delivery holders available to be purchased, worked in China, and utilized once for transportation freight into the UK. Worked to ISO standard holder aspects these are practically new steel trailers and ideal for containerized capacity of a wide scope of items and materials.

The 40′ high block delivering holder is probably the tallest unit accessible in our stock. It is 1′ taller than standard steel trailers and is effectively available from lockable freight entryways toward one side.

High cube shipping container cost

Used 40ft High Cube Shipping Containers are accessible for sale all through the UK. 40ft High Cubes are 9ft 6″ high, 8ft wide and 40ft long rather than the standard shipping compartments which are just 8ft 6″ tall. high cube shipping container weight are ideal when additional tallness is required.

40ft high cube container for sale are an incredible beginning stage for change projects, they offer 12 extra creeps of headroom thus cause the space inside the holder to feel significantly more agreeable (particularly for taller individuals).

Holder changes will commonly add a type of inward cladding or coating to within the compartment (i.e. ceiling boards and deck) this reduces how much usable space – so choosing a high-3D shape with 12″ of additional upward space is a popular choice.



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